Big Island, Hawaii: Waterfalls, beaches, snorkeling, hiking, volcanos. What to do and places to see.

We went to every corner of the Big Island (Hawai’i) so you don’t have to!
All places shown in this video are listed in the description below.
Feel free to ask any questions.

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Video timeline:

Intro: (0:00​)
Waterfalls: (1:11​)
Akaka Falls: (1:25​)
Rainbow Falls: (1:38​)
Marine Life: (1:49​)
Monk Seals: (1:49​)
Green Sea Turtles: (2:03)
Snorkeling: (2:13)
Manta Rays: (2:46)
Volcanos: (3:10)
Scenic spots: (4:12)
Green sand beach: (4:32)
Waipio Valley: (4:47)
Mauna Kea: (5:00)
Jungles: (5:57)
Pololū Valley: (6:16)
Grasslands: (7:01)
Kohala Mountain Road: (7:12)
Historical site: (8:10)

Best white sand beaches:
Kaunaʻoa Beach –
Hapuna Beach –

Black sand beach –

Honestly, this list of places to visit is endless. There is Banyan Drive in Hilo and Southern most point in the USA, there are other beaches and hundreds of hiking trails. It took us 30 days to see everything that I mentioned in the video.

Our top 5 things to do would be:
Mauna Kea
Waipio Valley
Volcano National Park
Akaka Falls
Green Sand Beach

Thanks for watching our video!
Please let me know if I missed something and sorry if I mispronounced something. English is not my native language.