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This trip was magical! From the Green Sand Beach to swimming with the manta rays to golfing one of the most beautiful courses in the world. The Big Island of Hawaii has so much to offer. This video is a look back at just a few of the adventures my wife and I had on our Hawaiian vacation.

South Point Cliff Jumping
The entire southern tip is registered as a National Historic Landmark, as it’s scattered with the ruins of heiau (temples) fishing shrines and other cultural relics. A trip here is an opportunity to experience the elements — land, air and ocean — because that’s what South Point is all about: nature’s raw and powerful beauty. Before you jump, ALWAYS check the swells, make sure your landing zone is clear and beware of sharks. Then SEND IT!

Papakolea Beach
“Green Sand” Beach is named for the green volcanic olivine crystals that make up a large percentage of the sand here. Not easily accessible, a five-mile round trip walk or 4-wheel-drive vehicle is the only ways to reach this hidden gem. When the locals ask if you want a ride, TAKE IT.

Volcano National Park: Thurston Lava Tube
Walk through a verdant rainforest and listen for the calls of native birds before entering a 500-year old lava tube where a river of 1093°C lava once flowed. Its Hawaiian name, Nāhuku, means “the protuberances,” which possibly refers to the lava drippings that once hung from the ceiling. Unfortunately, those disappeared due to souvenir collectors after the tube was discovered in 1913. Entire ecosystems of creatures live in these fragile environments found throughout the Island of Hawaiʻi. Please be respectful and do not touch the walls or any hanging roots. SIDE NOTE: Wear proper shoes, bring water, rain gear and snacks (but DON’T LITTER!)

Black Sand Beach
Punaluʻu beach is the most famous black sand beach of Hawaii. Two reasons for the popularity of this beach are the gorgeous black sand beach *and* the fact that you can often see endangered Hawksbill turtles and green turtles basking in the sun on the beach. We saw one! We named him Steven.

Kaunaʻoa Beach
Also known as Mauna Kea Beach, Kaunaʻoa Beach is much like the picture-perfect white sand beaches that people imagine when thinking of Hawaii, and often makes it onto the omnipresent favorite/best beaches of Hawaii lists. Don’t forget to stay for the sunsets!

Manta Night Dive
This is the best paid excursion on the Island. It is something that you can’t do any where else. If your looking for one of the most unique experiences and things to do in Kona look no further. The experience is something you will remember for the rest of your life. When you get out to dive site you can snorkel or scuba if you choose to snorkel then you will hold on to a floatation device and the manta while swim up against you. Keep your hands to your self you are not allowed to touch the animals.

Mauna Lani Resort – South Course
The South Course, a Homer Flint, Raymond Cain and Robin Nelson design, was built on the 16th century Kaniku lava flow snaking through stark, rugged a’a lava. A pair of par 3s – the 7th and 15th holes – are Mauna Lani South’s signature holes and are two of the most photographed golf holes in the world. The South Course was home to the Senior Skins Game from 1990 to 2000 and Golfweek magazine rates it as one of the “Best Courses to Play in Hawai’i.”

SIDE NOTE: When you do visit Hawaii, get adventurous! Help support local businesses and mom-pop shops. Avoid the usual McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc.

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