BEST OAHU BEACH Hawaii Girls Trip I Part Two

We found the most BEAUTIFUL BEACH on OAHU!
My vlogging was sparse but I combined it into this gem ! Delightfully sweet snippets from our trip are scattered throughout this vlog! Enjoy❤️

Lanikai Beach is stunning , don’t waste any time staying on any other beach, if you love powdery sand, crystalline water and a mild to small crowd.. this is your spot!
In comparison with Waikiki, Waikiki is much more crowded and commercial. In comparison with North Shore I would say Lanikai is better for swimming, shallower and clearer.. but do go to all of them!

We’ve been hanging around the island enjoying the fresh pineapples and amazing local fish.

In this vlog we got UDON at an incredible restaurant which always had a line around the corner. We managed to go right when they opened and the entire process of making udon is so fascinating to watch which is why I included it in here. MARAKAME UDON is where we went.
We then got some Kona coffee at KONA because we love our espresso and packed up to head to Kailua. We had such a beautiful time!

HAWAI’I you are loved and will be missed, I had such a beautiful tine with my best friends, do yourself a favor and book your girls trip to Hawai’i asap!
I hope you loved this vlog as much as I loved sharing it with you all.

Let me know what your favorite spots are!



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