Best Beaches on Oahu Hawaii

Best Beaches on Oahu Hawaii

Hawaii is spoilt for choice when it comes to amazing beaches. In this video we take you to what we think are some of the best beaches on Oahu. Waimanalo Beach, Lanikai Beach and Sunset Beach. We didn’t have the best weather this day and wanted to also take you to Waimea Bay Beach. During this video we also have lunch at Whole Food Market which was quite awesome! We also share a little flash back from some very old footage from our last trip to Hawaii when we visited Waimea Bay Beach and Sunset Beach.

If you’ve been to Hawaii tell us what your favourite beaches are on Oahu.

The Best Beaches on Oahu video segments:
00:00 – Intro
00:24 – On our way to the first beach
01:43 – Waimanalo Beach
02:55 – Lanikai Beach
04:57 – Lunch at Whole Foods Market
06:06 – Javi eats a donut
07:20 – A quick stop by Kualoa Ranch
07:58 – Sunset Beach
08:14 – Flashback to Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach
09:19 – Our next video – Comment – Like – Subscribe 😉
09:33 – Look at that one. He made it and made it!

While staying in Hawaii Kai we stayed here:
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All the videos can been found in this playlist as we release them.

Hawaii is no doubt one of our favourite places in the world and we’re certain we’ll be back again soon.

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  1. Thank you. I would love to go to Hawaii. It's my dream destination. It's so beautiful. Gorgeous beaches.

  2. Superb 😍 I can see you have your own style in making this kind of travel vlog videos. I liked it very much and it inspires me to do MORE videos of that type myself. 😊 You have my support my friend and fellow content creator 👐 I hope we can stay in touch . I make also videos like you, which are NOT nearly as professional as yours in my opinion. 🙈 Love it! Keep on creating 💙

  3. this is a day well spent…beach number 2 was amazing… i noticed the underwater clip is too green — you can add reds into it to even out the color… too bad it rained late that day.. i wanna see more beaches… javi is natural in front of cam… he should start his channel hahaha nice to see everyone's ok there in this pandemic 😎👌

  4. All of those beaches look amazing, I’ve just started watching the TV show lost and they filmed in several of those locations

  5. Amazing view and long roads…Hawaii is truly a land of the great rock shores and beautiful sandy beaches…Preserved and untouched environment makes Hawaii a Mecca of tourists who really love world of waters..Friend here watching…

  6. Lanikai beach looked so beautiful! I loved the boys reactions at Whole Foods – that's how I am with delicious food! 😀😁😂

  7. haha miss that Pokemon go day! not sure if it's still quite popular these days now, and nostalgic day for you guys to experience the same spots back in 2013.

  8. Nice shots while you're driving around. So beautiful. Woooow lanikai beach is amazing! The water is so blue and clear. LOL elisa pokemon! Javi in heaven with that choc donut! Maaan the waves at sunset beach look intense haha love the old footage.

  9. Lanikai beach.. oh man that really feels like you are in thailand or some exotic SEA country, def wouldnt think thats hawaii of the bat.

  10. The beaches in Hawaii is hands down one of the best (if not, the best) in the world! 😍😍😍 The sand, colour of the water and waves is amazing!

  11. Lanikai looks frigging amazing. Reminds me of rarotonga with that beautiful turquoise color. 😍 must be the reef that does that to the water color 🤔 😂Elisa what pokemon did you catch?

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