Best Beaches On Oahu, Hawaii Review | West Side Beaches | Pt. 4

Alooooha! In this vlog we take you to the best Westside beaches of Oahu. We review everything you’d want to know before going to these beaches. This is vlog 4 of 4 the other 3 parts cover Southside, Eastside & North Shore Beaches.
2:27 Zablan Beach
3:05 Mermaid Caves
5:01 Maili Beach
7:39 Makaha Beach Park
9:35 Makua Beach
11:14 Yokohama Bay (Keawaula Bay)

Maili Pink Pillbox Hike
Part 1 South side:
Part 2 East side:
Part 3 North Shore
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  1. Awesome!! Thank you very informative . Love your Eastern European accent 🙂 I am from Russia myself. Like and subscribed

  2. This series has been so informational. I am planning our trip for July and this helps so, so, so much! Thank you for doing this.

  3. Well mākua is no longer that empty beautiful beach it used to be now its impossible to get parking or even find a spot. Filled with tourists or people from outside of wai'anae.

  4. It’s not Mermaid Caves!!! Ask the Hawaiians who live here before listening to social media. Sick of this renaming baloney

  5. We are headed there in 3 weeks for the first time. I have watched these through twice now! These vids are so stinking helpful. Thanks for compiling these lists! My go-to activities are boogie/surf oriented and want to try a variety of locations so this info has been golden!

  6. I LOOOVCED this series, THANK YOU thank you! Please do not stop making videos, it keeps me excited till the day we'll arrive in HI !

  7. Another beautiful and informative video! Thanks so much, as watching your videos makes me even more excited for our trip to Oahu later this year. I remember Makaha… is very hot and dryish in the summer. No waves then. When we turned around and started back for Waikiki, we passed that huge homeless encampment. I had been videoing the entire coastline when we drove by it and I was really scared, as some of the people there saw I was using a camera. They hopped in a couple of trucks, and closely followed us for several miles…like a “warning.” I was really scared back then, and I bet the situation is worse now. I would have to say, please be careful. Can’t wait to view your other beach videos. Thanks again for your good and obvious hard work!

  8. make sure you bring your valuables with you. oh and burn pallets and leave the nails on the beach. they love that.

  9. Great video – nice production touches with the labels. I wish I was back there, I love the west coast and how chilled it is. Have you ever swum out to the turtle cleaning station just off Makaha beach? It's a hundred yards or so out along the deeper channel almost straight out from where the lifeguard tower is, depth is suitable for snorkel 😊

  10. You guys are crushing it. What made you do this? This is insightful and thorough. Plus you are
    funny trying to pronounce the words. Keep it coming gang you deserve a great big ALOHA from
    The Kupa Aina (residents). Why-Ah-nye Waianae, there you can say it now. Too cool.

  11. Wow what a beautiful video….so much to see…heaven knows we could all use a beach day!! Great info to help people be aware and stay safe!!..Do you think you will spend the winter months in Hawaii??…Do you think you would return to Mexico anytime soon?..Viv

  12. Aloha. I enjoyed watching the beach tour series. I have watched the majority of your videos of O'ahu. I have hiked Ka'ena Point and it is my favorite one so far; I went through the Mokulēʻia side. Did you know that it is a sacred place? Looking forward to more videos.

  13. I always watch your videos. We visit Oahu every year and this is the first year we couldn’t due to the pandemic. I would love to see more food review videos. 🙂

  14. Thank You! We are thinking of staying on the West side. You think it is safe enough? I would love the sunsets and less crowds!

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