Best Beaches On Oahu Hawaii Review | South Side Beaches | Part 1

In our Ultimate Beach Tour Oahu, Hawaii. We are reviewing over 20 of Oahu’s best beaches rating them using 10 categories over 4 series. In this video, we are covering the South Side of Oahu. From Waikiki to Sandy Beach. Be sure to subscribe to see our next video in this series where we cover the East Side Beaches.
0:36 Ala Moana Beach Park
3:04 Waikiki Beach
6:07 Hanauma Bay
8:07 Eternity Beach
10:17 Sandy Beach

If Beaches are your thing this series is for you.
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  1. Guys… simply mind blowing with tons of Information. I started watching almost every of your Hawaii blog. Wow such a stunning couple. I am going to visiti Hawaii big island and Oahu for 15 days this May and I wholeheartedly thank you for all the information and making it easy for me. Cheers

  2. Such a great review of all the great beaches in Oahu. I planned my beach trips based on some of your reviews. Thank you for all the great tips & details!

  3. @ Ala Moana Beach, do you need to pay for parking? And also. Do you think is walkable to go to the mall from there? Thank you!

  4. Hi, I’ve been watching all 4 part of Hawaii beaches. Great videos and information you provide. Just to clarify when you say that there is a parking lot. Are these parking lots at beaches free? Keep it up the good work.

  5. Saw the QR, got the points. Won't ever do that again! Please don't screw up the contest with these time-wasting hurdles again.

  6. Great video! I would like to add, that if you want to go to Waikiki Beach and need a place to park your car rental, there are a few free places to park if you don't mind walking a little bit and are packing a light load. I used to sometimes park for free near the Ala Wai boat ramp and Illikai Hotel, and it is a hop skip and a jump away from the beach and Hilton Hawaiian Village. You can also park for free at the other end of the beach at Kapiolani Park. which is right near the Zoo. Also, one word of warning about Sandy Beach. Some locals call it Breakneck Beach because the wicked shore break that breaks in super shallow water. It will pile drive you head first into the sand if it catches you the right way. Only highly experienced body surfers and/or boogie boarders should try it. For most folks, it is just better to sit on the beach and watch. Have a great visit, but stay safe. Aloha!

  7. We LOVE this video guys… You did such a great job, your hard work shines through. We always tell visitors to check your channel out before heading to Oahu. Stay safe and the next time we hop over to Oahu we will reach out to you!!! Mahalo

  8. Thank you for all the great information. We are visiting next July for our 25th wedding anniversary. I love the beach but haven't been in years. I love that you include information on practical things like life guards and bathrooms. One question though for any beach, how do we protect our belongings when we both want to go swimming? Just leave it on our towel? Or are there lockers nearby?

  9. I have heard all of these spots from many other travel videos. You should find more hidden spots or not so popular yet.

  10. Aloha! Love your videos guys!! I am from Sydney (where you boarded the Norwegian Jewel!) and was in Honolulu just before the lockdown. So lucky to get my Hawaiian holiday in before everything closed up. Third time visitor to Hawaii and I love it there. Already planning my 4th and even the 5th trip! I too love drone flying and made up a great drone tour of Oahu from footage on my last trip. Check out my channel DainFlightz (I only have a handful on videos on there) if you want to see it. I got some great footage of the kite-surfers at Kailua Beach. Anyways, thanks again for the great videos. Can't wait to go back to Hawaii. Mahalo. 🙂

  11. Great video brother!!! You got some serious talent. Looking forward to seeing more vids from a fellow Filmaker and drone pilot. What drone you filming one I have the air and the Mavic 2 pro.

  12. Thank you. Great video! My favorite beach is Lanikai Beach (I lived there in the past). But the other beaches are wonderful too.

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