Best Beaches On Oahu, Hawaii Review | East Side Beaches | Pt. 2

In this Ultimate Beach Tour Oahu, Hawaii Part 2. We take you to the east side of Oahu, Hawaii exploring all its beauty one beach at a time. After watching this video and all the videos in this beach series, you’ll be able to make the best decision on which beach is best for you and your family.
0:58 Makapu’u Beach
3:40 Waimanalo Beach
5:58 Kailua Beach
9:36 Lanikai Beach
13:01 Secret Beach

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  1. Your whole channel has been SUCH a help in planning my Hawaii itinerary. Thank you so, so much. I'm so excited!

  2. Thank you so much for your beautiful sharing. So you recommended Kailua beach more than Lanikai beach. How long can we walk from kailua to lanikai beach?

  3. If I recall, on your 20 Things Not To Do video, you mentioned that some beaches are private and you need to do your research before visiting. But in this one, you say all Oahu beaches are public. Ive watched a lot of videos, but I thought it was your video that said that. Thanks, love your videos!!

  4. Thank you for another beautiful and informative video! Your photography and drone shots are top-notch. Aloha! 🤟

  5. Hello! Was just wondering if this is a good beach to visit with family in the winter months. I'm going to be there next week and this beach along with Lanikai are on my "must see" list. So beautiful and thank you for the comprehensive beach videos!

  6. Great videos! I've been to Oahu several times, latest being 2007. I never even heard of Secret Island…would love to see that pond area! Can you tell me what type of drone you use? I love your drone footage. I'm thinking of getting a drone for the first time. Thanks again!

  7. i never find any youtube channel this informative and useful! Hats off to your work! next time i visit hawaii, i can enjoy more!

  8. these videos are fantastic… you can tell your locals and this channel deserves to grow soley based on how great they are. Both of you are a great team and you can tell you put alot of time into your videos! easily the best beach travel videos online by far! keep it up!

  9. You guys are so helpful! I'm moving here and Korea (back and forth) before the end of the year and this is so good to know!

  10. Kailua/Laniki is my favorite stretch of beach on Oahu, especially somewhat off-season and when the wind dies down. Spectacular.

  11. Wow, great job describing the beaches and all. This is the best video I've seen for these areas. Very accurate and great detail!

  12. Aloha! I recently started a YouTube channel and purchased a drone to shoot some footage. I'm a newbie but was so amazed at the aerial shots from my little drone. I love the shots that you have from much higher and farther out. (Just curious, which model drone do you have?) Thank you for showcasing the Beauty of our Island. I've been creating some mini scenic videos of the Beauty of Hawaii, My Island Home, in hopes of sharing some Peace during these uncertain times. There's no place like Hawaii…

  13. These are all my favorite beaches! Thank you for this video while I'm missing Oahu! Since you already live in paradise, where is your favorite vacation spot?

  14. Aloha! sweet vid! I was at Kailua beach when "bird man" was doing his thing! that was Awesome!!!! good coverage on your part! Mahalo!

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