1. This place is beautiful..I have always wanted to visit Hawaii…the Scenery is really beautiful..thank you for sharing..will start arranging for my vacation…

  2. The amount of imbecile tourists going to the more remote and secluded beaches is getting out of hand. It is turning them into similar aspects of a motel pool. With screaming children and fat useless parents who just sit in the shade of the trees while their offspring lose their f'ing minds at the edge of the water. They suck.

    When you get the locals at the beach, they are calm, who are actually interesting and fascinating to watch with how they interact with the water. I totally get why they dislike mainlanders coming to their island and making it suck.

  3. Hi Jeff great views with that drone of yours I would say what a fun toy! Love all of what you are showing us! Hard to believe all that beauty! And so much of it! No wonder everyone calls it paradise! And wanting a small piece of it! You are going to miss Hawaii! Thanks for the video great job!

  4. We have been to Maui and Oahu. We were not impressed with Maui beaches at all though we fell deeply in love with Maui. The first time we went was 2007 the biggest storm of the century hit Maui. All beaches were closed. It was winter. Then we came back in spring in 2008 and there was sun one day but the beaches were all closed again 2 years in a. row and. local iron at Black Rock. We were able to actually swim in Oahu and there was sun. We went too Kauai  again locals don and we couldn't swim there was no sun. It looks like there is sun  on the Big island.  We have been looking into the Big island to vacation and the beaches look awesome! Can you share what island beaches you like the most?

  5. Aloha. I would find a little map on the side to follow where,north_south you were,or east-side top.
    Write if you need that type of video_audio editing.I also had to crank the audio all the way to hear you; something else I can help you with…in Pahoa & Hilo. maysoundhelp@gmail.com

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