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In this video I am sharing some of the things I’ve been learning about Hawaii + how you can conduct yourself in a way that is responsible and respectful while being here. I also share some epic moments from a trip that I went on to the Big Island of Hawaii with GIVE volunteers.

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Throughout this video you’ll be hearing some wise words from a local here. His name is Joshua Lanakila-Mangauil and you can search for him on YouTube, or follow him on instagram @lanakilamangauil (:

Also here’s another video that goes more in-depth on the history of Hawaii

I hope this video gives you a new perspective!
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  1. im australian and it's so crazy and scary how similar the history is in Hawaii compared to here. The Aboriginal people of our country and our nature are still so disrespected to this day by our government and casual racism is huge here. Thankyou for speaking on these issues and not only raising awareness but giving people ways to help and be more mindful <3

  2. Mahalo Hannah for sharing this! As a local these are some important things to stress and that I always wanna tell visitors. So glad you were able to go onto that amazing experience, learn about our history, and inform others through this video.

  3. Omg thank you so much!! I’m visiting for 2 weeks on august 5th and im trying to research more about how I can respect everyone while having fun!! And this helped so much so thank you

  4. Will definitely give back to a ton of local businesses, people, shops, markets, and etc when I visit Hawaii in the near future!❤️❤️ Appreciate you for spreading awareness about this Han !! It’s so important <3

  5. This video is so WELL DONE! I really appreciate the way you presented the facts, and I really felt touched by the man who is teaching this information. I would really love to see more videos about your life in Hawaii! 💕💕

  6. I love this video! His speech as the background is so dope!
    it was so fun getting to know you! Miss ya so much!

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