Beaches on the East Side of the Big Island of Hawaii

West Hawaii has its sandy white beaches, but East Hawaii has its blue lagoons and tidepools for swimming! We take you to four of Hilo’s beaches located about 10 minutes out of the city center. We rode our bikes to all the beach parks, which saves you from finding parking, if you go.
Here are the parks in the video and more info about each one:
1. Lehia Park – (You can bring your dogs!)
2. Carlsmith Beach Park-
3. Onekahakaha Beach Park-
4. Richardson Beach Park-

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  1. Mahalo for this. Been wanting to get more info about the east side since Kona is going the way of Oahu pricing.

  2. Beautiful… we lost our vacation homes and the beautiful tide pools in Vacationland to the Lava flows. Your video brought back so many memories… looking forward to new experiences once we move to Kona!

  3. My dad use to take my siblings and I to Onekahakaha Beach on the weekends when we were little. I miss it so much! We all live on the mainland now.

  4. It's strange that there are few bikes in Hilo, because the terrain is perfect for them. There are bike rentals in Kona, but except for Ali'i Drive (which stretches for 6 miles from Kailua to Keauhou) and Old Airport Park, it's way too steep in many places here. Ane Keohokalole Hwy is an exception — a wonderful, safe stretch of roadway. Great to learn about Carlsmith Beach Park!

  5. Hilo side is an under appreciated part of the Big Island (my opinion), lots of old town vibe with down to earth people. Great call riding your bikes on this journey. I have fantastic memories from multiple family visits to Hilo. Thank you for sharing and I was digging the music selection on this video. Cheers from San Jose CA!

  6. This is so beautiful. I love that you show us all over the island. Do you have realtors to recommend for all sides of the island or mainly the west side?

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