1. LOL at 0:38.. Brian stopped singing as if he couldn't hit the note and even laughed about it for a second

    Also much better at .95 or .90x playback speed

  2. What a lovely audience of teenagers.
    No blue hair, no morbid obesity, no nose rings, no partial nudity.
    American youth really lost the path a bit.

  3. Man, how I love these guys!! But- lol they should have dressed more Hip, thats what hurt them by the time this was filmed. In a couple yeras they'd get hipper, straight, longer hair, etc

  4. Heard this last night on Magnum PI, the new one that is much better than the original. Never heard this before, and not much better than hearing a new song from this group.

  5. Am I the only one that finds it funny that Brian is the most gigantic guy in the band and he has the highest voice?

  6. That amazing distinctive high register of Brian Wilson will never be matched. He is just a genius and beyond musically. I love the base and he is a master of it while singing complicated vocals too. Bravo to the band for all the joy.

  7. Love the Beach Boys!!.BTW, I  grew up in Lincoln Park,Mi. Morris Ave down the street from Peppinas restaurant,which is gone now.

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