Baby Beach Vacation and Travel Must-Haves! | Kauai, Hawaii | Susan Yara

Packing for a vacation when you have a baby can be tough. I just got back from a trip to Kauai, Hawaii and these are the products I loved having! Comment below your baby vacation must-haves.

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Gathre All Purpose Mat:
Skip Hop Formula-to-Food Container:
Cheeky Baby Straw Cup:
Aloha Splash-Proof Pouch:
Otteroo Classic Floatie:
Stearns Child’s Floatation:
i play. Reusable Swim Diaper:
Snapper Rock One Piece Sunsuit:
Snapper Rock Pool Boardie:
i play. Sun Flap Hat:
Sun Smarties Sand and Water Socks:
Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+:
Thinkbaby Face & Body Sunscreen SPF 30+:
Honest Company Hand Sanitizer:
Indestructibles Beach Baby Book:
Babiators Aviator Sunglasses:
RJC Boys Hawaiian Island Set:
Milkbarn Hooded Bath Robe:

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  1. Watching in 2021! Expecting a baby boy in April and Daddy is from the Dominican Republic. Just thinking ahead because we will spend a lot of time there.

  2. This is the video I've been searching the internet for!!! Thank you. I just need to know what a baby needs to go to Hawaii Or travel anywhere.

  3. I have Ergobaby and it is absolutely horrendous! I have use it only one time because I am not able to put in on on my own. It is also super thick. You are going to get very very warm in it. Add to it the heat of your body and the baby will cook in hot climate.

  4. I agree I went to new York and there was a pool and I didn't have anything so I got 1 of the 1 peace and he didn't get burned once xx love

  5. Hi, great video. I know Nikash was sleep trained at 5 month old. How did he sleep on the plane after sleep training? Does sleeping in your arms or carriers during vacation result in regression? Did you need you re-train after going home?

  6. So if they pooped in the middle of swimming, do you leave it or bring the baby into the changeroom and clean it up?

  7. Thank you for another helpful video. I just left a comment on another video. Of all the things you've mentioned I think I'll look into the mat, the beach shoes and book! I have the same ottero float but at 2 years of age she's definitely outgrown in. My daughter always had fun with it…in the bathtub. I needed the reminder on the life vest. I'm saving both videos!

  8. I cant buy all the things but u have no idea how much this vid and tips help me a lot im going to goa tmw and i was really not sure what to take and not to ,, so thank u so much 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 … but one question pls is it fine for 10 months old baby to go on speed boats ? ( the one drive so faaasssst ) ??? Pls answer me

  9. A must-have for me are swim diapers! The best swim diaper I have used by far is this one by will and fox. I have tried everything and these were the best at containing the poo and they fitted my daughter from birth until she turned 4. I have saved so much money because of these pants. I’ve got the floral and flamingos, so nice in comparison with everything else! Their site is if anyone's curious.
    Ava were my second favorites but the will and fox ones were a higher quality fabric and nicer print. I bought mine from Amazon. I’m pretty sure their website has info on their Amazon store too. I’ve been buying them for my friends for their baby showers!

  10. Hi where did you buy the matching bathing suits that your husband and baby wore? I love that idea!

  11. Hi Susan! First off I appreciate all your videos to help with the little one ! Not sure what I’d do without you hahah xox but I was wondering if you ever put your son in a life jacket and if so what one would you recommend:) ? Not sure if you will see this but hoping you can help me 💕

  12. I just bought Think Baby for myself! Since I use tretinoin, I needed something that protects me from all UVA/UVB wavelengths. Chemical sunscreens in the US, even when combined, won’t protect me entirely. So until the FDA approves Tinosorb and Mexoryl, I’m a slave to 20% zinc oxide. 😄

  13. Great video! Do you have any recommendations for places/beaches to go to or things to do in Kauai with a 1.5 year old? ☺️ We’ll be staying a few days on the north and south sides

  14. Heading to the beach in a couple of weeks and have a baby! Enjoyed this video so much! Did the leather mat get hot in the sun, like the carseats do!? I love the concept of it being easy to wipe down and that it doesn't blow away like a towel but wondering if it gets hot.

  15. I totally agree with the ergo we went to Kauai when my son was 8 month it was a lifesaver he's a light sleeper and couldn't nap in a strange place but would pass out in secs in the ergo! But wish me luck when we travel to Mexico with an active toddler!

  16. Yes! I was waiting for this video! What did you bring in your carry on for Nikash? (hope i spelled his name right) i love love LOVE your videos! Lots of love from Norway 🙋🏻

  17. This video just came just in time for me. It's my first time traveling with my girls (two under two) and I am trying to list what to take. Thank you for the video! XO

  18. First ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I am living 5 minutes from beach and I have taken my baby to beach only twice. I think I should buy the ergo baby carrier that would encourage me to go more. Baby ash is super cute 😘 🏖

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