Are Visitors Canceling Their Hawaii Vacation? Hawaii Delta Variant Travel Update #shorts

Two weeks after Hawaii’s Governor Ige asked visitors to not come to Hawaii, his request has been answered. For the most part. Since the announcement, 52,000 room cancellations per hotel industry leaders. Daily passenger counts have dropped but at the same rate since early August, as we are in the historic shoulder season. The drop is larger than in 2019.

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  1. Thanks so much for the information, it really helped us decide to proceed with our trip to Maui Sept 7th to the 17th. It was our best trip there yet. The crowds were gone and everything we wanted was open. We really enjoyed happy hour at the Monkey Pod. Two young woman in front us at the Maui Airport were told that they had to quarantine because they had been vaccinated too short of time before the trip. I didn't hear the end of the conversation but they were very upset. I wouldn't even try to go to Maui without being vaccinated well in advance. I think it is at least 15 days but I'm not sure.

  2. Thank you ! Keep us updated please we have a trip planned the end of the month.. we had to cancel last year.. but I keep hearing it’s not an official lockdown

  3. My wife and I are still planning to visit Ohau and Maui in early October… We are both vaccinated and looking forward to doing as much site-seeing as possible as safely as possible.

  4. Just heard Maui is requiring Vaccination Cards for Dinning? Which could be good as we Have Vaccination Cards, will flying there on Sept 18th, and maybe we can "Bump Off The Aniti Vax Trumpers and move ahead in the Line.. Lol ; ) Mahalo for the Update!!! : )

  5. Our family is traveling to Maui for fall break. We are willing to cancel however neither VRBO or United are willing to issue full refunds. If anyone has any tips / tricks how to get refunds… can you please share? Thx

  6. This isn’t good information since we had just paid our balance for our trip. It’s been twelfth year since my wife and I have enjoyed a vacation. I pray good news comes quickly.

  7. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for doing these update videos!! I am a COVID ICU nurse in Oklahoma and we have our trip planned for Jan 2022, I am hoping we will still get to come. After dealing with so much the last 18 months and continue to I really could use this trip. It is our first trip and you guys have already helped us so much in planning! Thank you again.

  8. I personally know three groups that had booked Hawaii between the middle of August and the end of September. The August group went to the Big Island and had a great time, but with two cancelled tours. The other two groups cancelled. We're booked to go to the Big Island and Maui in January – and unless there's a firm lock down, we will be there.

  9. Still coming to Oahu on the 14th. Celebrating our 30th Anniversary together. Made these plans 5 months ago and not about to change our plans now. Fully vaccinated an will be wearing mask so we are hopeful everything will be OK. Please continue to keep us updated.

  10. Was supposed to leave tomorrow – cancelled. As much as I love going there, in my opinion, having the Governor ask people to not come at this point really drove it home, as well as a few other videos on the hospital situations. Will try again next year.

  11. I was set on going to Oahu in two weeks, but after hearing the governor asking us to stay away I had to cancel. I hope I can make this solo trip next year. I cancelled all my activities and received all my refunds the next day. No hassle at all. I’m so sad, but totally understand. Thank you for all the updates!!!! Stay safe.

  12. Hawaiin airlines/American Airlines partnered with Expedia. They’re offferribg round trip tickets for $168 😊

  13. Glad it's slowing down a bit. I'm actually heading there in a month and just hoping nothing drastic happens before then. I'm going to the Big Island and I'm fully vaxxed and pro mask. Hopefully I can still have a good getaway even if less of the things tourists do are open at the time. I'm not too big on the super touristy stuff anyway, and I'm staying at a couple secluded air bnb houses. Thanks for the update 🙂

  14. aloha! is there a time we could maybe talk for a little someway? i’m moving there next spring and would like to talk with another local if that’s ok

  15. Outbreak? LOL. I don't know who this clown is but please visit Hawaii and support our local families. We will welcome you more warmly than ever before. The real numbers on hospitalizations are in line with every other state.

  16. Canceled our trip for third time when Mayor of Maui started talking about restricting people to their resorts again. We have certain things we like to do outside resort and didn't want to take the risk that further lockdowns would happen before we could get full refunds.

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