[4K] Waikiki Beach in Honolulu Hawaii 2021 Walking Tour & Travel Guide 🎧 Relaxing Ocean Waves Sounds

1 hour of Waikiki Beach walking tour from Waikiki Wall to Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon in Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu, Island of Oahu, Hawaii USA.

Waikiki is most famous for Waikiki Beach, which is one of six beaches in the district, along with Queen’s Beach, Kuhio Beach, Gray’s Beach, Fort DeRussy Beach and Kahanamoku Beach. Waikiki Beach is almost entirely man-made. Waikiki was the first capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii from 1795 to 1796.

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🎧 This video contains Binaural Audio. Please wear headphones for best immersive experience.

📅 Recording Date: October 2021

🌤️ Weather: 85°F | 🌤️ Mostly Sunny

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  1. Я желаю вам увидеть все красивые места, все счастливые уголки планеты, прекрасные рассветы, красивые закаты.

  2. Excellent video! Gonna be back home in May and came across your videos. Fantastic work. I had this video on while doing my daily radio show from Las Vegas today. Top notch quality!

  3. Maravilloso! Estuve con mi hijo en enero 2022, era mi sueño conocer esta hermosa isla, y realmente me quedé más enamorada de este paraíso. Dios me permita volver a Hawaii. Lluvia de bendiciones para toda su gente maravillosa.

  4. I stayed at the Outrigger Resort last time I was there. It's been a while, so I don't know which of the high rises is the hotel I stayed at. It was penthouse suite with an awesome view of the beach.

  5. ki — Japan's language, for: Emperor's wife/daughter / niece. K' – Islander for: I will, be king!
    You are, diagnosed now! As criminally insane! @ 0:02 = Japan's outer island!

  6. What a beautiful beach! Thanks for the video! Morning coffee in my home in Canada, its -33 c outside and watching your video makes me happy like I am there on the beach

  7. Always beautiful but Waikiki is more modern and consumer friendly. Still a better place to enjoy the beach and weather.

  8. That's already, an Oriental shore line! Only for, fishing– and divers– swimmers. I'm half, what? Oriented!
    I must, reverse– O2, in light speed– a lot! Nor is there, wood structures– in H' ONZ' islands! You, don't know. any culture or language, for!

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