[4K] HAWAII – WAIKIKI – People watching on Kalakaua Ave., Waikiki Beach, and Queens Beach

4K Hawaii Walking Tour – Join me for a stroll down Kalakaua Avenue with a quick spin around Waikiki Beach, some surfing action at the Waikiki wall, and a quick walk through Queen’s beach, as we embark on another great people watching adventure!

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July 2021

ハワイ 4K

Walk Hawaiiは音楽やトーク無し テキストなしで見られる、そのままのハワイの今を感じられるバーチャルハワイツアーを配信しています




  1. Awesome shopping street in Hawaii!!! It's sunny so I don't think I need to go to the beach! 😆😆😆

  2. 中国的发展道路还是有很长一段时间。。。我去过佛罗里达。。。那里的海岸线 东面从北到南 几乎200多公里海滩全部开发。。到处是宾馆和别墅。。中国没有30年追不上美国。即使GDP追上了。整体的社会氛围达到发达国家。几乎没有可能

  3. Bạn đã chia sẻ video rất hay 💯 ❤️ ❤️ 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼

  4. I walked this beautiful beach every morning whenever I vacationed there. I’m walking in my living room with this video now. Thanks Walk Hawaii.😘

  5. Wow! This is awesome. I've heard the beaches in Hawaii are spectacular. Now, I wonder why I've never been to one. Your video showcasing this beach is so inviting. Thanks for showing me to my next destination.

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