[4K] HAWAII- ON THE BEACH – People watching on Waikiki beach and Kuhio Beach

Join me for a stroll down sunny Waikiki beach and Kuhio beach for another action packed people watching adventure!

4K Hawaii Virtual Walking Tour Waikiki Beach

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4K ハワイ/ハワイ散歩 /ワイキキ/ワイキキビーチ


音楽やトーク無し テキストなしで見られる、そのままのハワイの今を感じられるバーチャルハワイツアー



  1. Nice to see all those people enjoying Waikiki. Not normal busy but pretty good. Holy Cow! What's with those few walking on the beach, alone, with a mask on. Madai. They probably shower at home with their mask on.

  2. Aloha!
    今、ワイキキへ行ける人が羨ましい !


  3. Muhteşem plaj sahil çok güzel masmavi gökyüzü tatil için ideal bir yer keşfettim 🙋‍♂️👉👍🛎

  4. I enjoyed watching an excellent video. I love new videos it brings me to different places. Let's stay in touch. I wish you and your family health, happiness and peaceful days. Full support at all times Greetings from Turkey🙋‍♂️👉🛎👍

  5. Waikiki Beach is also very crowded this time.

    Watch out for heat stroke and get that video shot!

    Thank you very much!

  6. Everything about this journey really makes want to run out an make more videos! Thank you! So inspiring!

  7. Beautiful day! Didn't visit Hawaii! Planes too full.last week 200 employees stuck,couldn't get home! Cxl my trip!no black bikini today??😆😆😆🤙

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