[4K] HAWAII – HILTON HAWAIIAN VILLAGE w/Luau – The best Waikiki resort for a family getaway!

4K Hawaii Walking Tour / Join me for a stroll around the Hilton Hawaiian Village, hands down the best resort in Waikiki for a family getaway. Built on 22 acres, the property encompasses 8 towers, and also includes 145,000-square-feet of retail space, 20 restaurants and lounges, five pools, a spa, a man made lagoon, and ample beachfront access. With so much to do onsite, you could spend your whole vacation there without ever leaving the property!

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June 2021

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ハワイ 4K

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  1. 38年前に新婚旅行で ワイキキビーチ前のホテルに居ました 海が真っ青で綺麗でした アイスを食べすぎてお腹こわしちゃったな 黒人さんのくしゃみでビックリしたら主人がかばってくれて 黒人さん凄く謝ってくれてたな 懐かしいばかりです 今はハネムーンベイビーちゃんが37歳になりました コロナがなければ家族でハワイに行くのにな 🛫🏖️🤙

  2. My wife and I spent our honeymoon in 1984 at the resort.
    Wonderful…..we are planning a return next year.

  3. Stayed there in 2019 for a couple of nights. Very big, but nice and enjoyable. We spent most of that trip on the North Shore at an amazing hotel called Turtle Bay Resort – highly highly recommended. Also recommend Lanakai Beach, which we stopped at on the way back to Honolulu. Maybe the most beautiful beach of them all. Up there with the beaches on Maui.

  4. Been there 2 years ago staying at rainbow tower..things that we don’t like ,they don’t serve free breakfast 😜 we need to pay 50$ per head for buffet don’t even give a discount for my 3 yr. old son..plan to visit there again but need to find a good hotel that serve a free good breakfast😍

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  6. ❤️GREETINGS FROM KOREA🇰🇷 Thank you for your sharing good video, the best resort in Waikiki for a family getaway. LIKED NO. 614 👍👍👍

  7. When the whole World is so hard-pressed by the Covid-19 pandemic, watching such videos is the greatest pleasure, relief ,escape from the devastating pandemic effects !Thanks for walking……I hope to visit Hawaii soon. Greetings from the Philippines!!!!👍👍👍

  8. We just visited HHV last week of May – June 8, stayed at Grand Islander for 9 nights and Grand Waikikian ( my home resort timeshare) for 3 nights, both had great accommodations and view. It started to get crowded before we left. But love the area.

  9. Its ok. Its better if you walk showing date and time in one corner. So that we can imagine the weather and season to visit in future.

  10. Stayed in the Rainbow Tower for my honeymoon back in 1984, love this place, but prefer the Alii tower now, thanks for bringing back some good memories

  11. The walking tour is so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ Hawaii is truly amazing ❤️ That resort is really awesome ^^ ❤️

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