4K Hawaii Walking Tour / Join me for a stroll around the Hilton Hawaiian Village, hands down the best resort in Waikiki for a family getaway. Built on 22 acres, the property encompasses 8 towers, and also includes 145,000-square-feet of retail space, 20 restaurants and lounges, five pools, a spa, a man made lagoon, and ample beachfront access. With so much to do onsite, you could spend your whole vacation there without ever leaving the property!

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Nov 2021(Busy Thanksgiving Week!)

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ハワイ 4K

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  1. 안녕하세요, 하와이에 대한 그리움을 달랠 수 있는 좋은 영상 감사합니다. 어서 직접 가서 워킹하는 그날이 왔으면 좋겠네요 ^^

  2. Thank you for giving us a summer day during winter. Happy to see everyone is having a good time. Have a great weekend Walk Hawaii😘

  3. Very nice walk, this city is amazing, i love explore too, thanks for sahring.
    Send my big full support from Brazil beach and paradises! 💚✨

  4. Roll on Friday. 16 years I have been waiting to return I was last there when that earthquake happened in 2007.

  5. Beautiful 🌹 place nice view beautiful walking tour enjoyed the walking very much stay connected in touch nice day 🙏💐🤗😆😆

  6. Beautiful and well kept resort. There use to be some 🐧's in a enclosed area on the resort property. Mahalo.
    Excellent video..😊😊📹

  7. Enjoy watching the videos, gives my son and I a glimpse of what's to come. Moving to Honolulu this coming April 🤙

  8. Thanks so much for this. The HHV has become our go-to hotel in Waikiki. Your vid makes me home sick!
    It great to see they replaced Benihana with something that has some promise and the new Wikiwiki Market looks fabulous!

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