[4K] HAWAII – 90% OF WAIKIKI BEACH CLOSED – very crowded in front of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel

4K Hawaii/Virtual Tour/Walking / They closed 90% of Waikiki beach today to start spreading the recovered sand around the beach, because of this everyone is crowded into the space in front of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Also included are some views of Kalakaua Ave.

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4K ハワイ/ハワイ街歩き散歩 /ワイキキ/ワイキキビーチほぼ閉鎖/カラカウア通り

音楽やトーク無し テキストなしで見られる、そのままのハワイの今を感じられるバーチャルハワイツアー



  1. Hello and thanks for this video; quick question. Is the International Market Place open and are the restaurants all open? Thanks

  2. Yah I can’t stand it there to many damm people I want a vacy hahahaha not to see more people but all and all it’s nice 👍 thanks for the video

  3. I will be there in a week and can't wait for my vacation!! O'ahu was my second home many years ago 🥰🌺🌴⛱🌊☀️

  4. So nice to be at the beach now, my friend. Crowded indeed. The beach really is beautiful and popular. Thanks for sharing. Keep safe and always take care.

  5. アロハー!昨日につづき、またコメントしにきました!まちなみもとてもきれいですねー、僕はヤシの木がなぜかとてもすきです笑、ワイキキいつかいっておいしいものたくさんたべたいし、一番はやっぱり景色がみてみたいです!動画投稿お疲れ様です、旅行気分になるので、とてもワクワクしますねー、こういう動画とても好きです!これからも頑張ってください!

  6. 砂浜を拡げる工事で仕方ないけど、ビーチじゃなく、波の立つプールのようになってますね~😅

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