[4K] Anini Beach, Kauai Hawaii | Virtual Walking Tour | Relaxing Travel Simulator

A peaceful walking tour down Anini Beach on the northern coast line of Kauai, Hawaii.

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  1. Really? All those Kayak's on the beach and nobody stealing them? I find that hard to believe.

  2. It's hard to imagine there's somewhere in the world like this right now. Just had the most miserable disappointing grey cold summer here in England. Hoping for some divine intervention with the old lottery numbers 🤣🙏

  3. Don't forget the chickens on combing the beach for treats. My friend in Kauai now, and at the house they are renting and near the beach, the beach has chickens, roosters roaming for food. So this video is showing the best side, but its 2021, and it's not like this now!

  4. Anini Beach is a fun place to be. However, your video is going to make people seasick. You need some sort of a stabilizer so that every step you take is not joggling your camera.

  5. I feel like you need to start a funding page so we can send you to the other islands to do this! Great channel. Thank you for sharing

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