2019 NCAA men's volleyball championship: Long Beach State v. Hawaii

Watch the full replay and broadcast of Long Beach State’s 4-set victory over Hawaii in the 2019 NCAA men’s volleyball championship.

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  1. kinda bull when you think about how even though hawaii is the top seed they still had to play in long beach state territory

  2. So glad for Haikyuu cuz now people can stop saying how vball is just a girl sport and how it’s so easy to play over basketball lol (used to make me especially annoyed cuz I play vball competitively)

  3. I was about to say I came cuz of haikyu but then the first comment I see is
    like cmon

  4. Me just here thinking I'm the only one who loves volleyball because of Haikyuu….Then I check out the comment section XDD

  5. When COVID is done and everyone is allowed back in the gym you’ll see more anime fans attend volleyball games then actual fans 😂

  6. coming from a person who's grown up around volleyball i kinda have a love-hate relationship with haikyuu. it makes common stuff seem so legit and it's hilarious. like rolling thunder or whatever is just a roll. liberos do them all the time. in fact if you can't roll you usually get injured more easily. and the quick set is just a one. like I have no idea how many thousands of those I've seen throughout my career. it dramatizes everything and it's so funny. but then again, there is no other show I'm aware of that animates and describes volleyball so well, so I can't complain too much.

  7. I know most of you guys came from Haikyuu and so did. I'm glad you guys are interested in volleyball now but honestly you guys are really annoying

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