20 Things NOT to do when visiting Hawaii

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In this vlog we covered the don’ts when visiting Hawaii.

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  1. I urinated in the ocean and I got fined for doing that. I was waist deep and I could not figure it out how they knew. Did I leave a yellow trail?

  2. Thank you two for your wounded flight videos they have helped us soooo much especially with covid keep up the good work new subbie🌺

  3. I feel the same way in my city of New York.when tourists visit they should respect our locals culture and if surfing let the locals have first choice of any waves or else.

  4. Leave it like you found it, and don’t be disrespectful. It’s amazing the amount of people (Americans especially) that move through life not giving a shit about anything but themselves. 🙄🙄

  5. 👍🤟👏☺️. Good job !!!!!! That’s the best warning and lesson for the visitors…Welcome to Hawaii with respect, love and Share the ALOHA SPIRIT……it’s contagious and for sure you’ll take it home with you with great pride and happiness ALOHA WITH LOVE. 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟👍👍👍

  6. I took some local's parking spot without realizing he was waiting for it. The local who was leaving the spot and the one waiting for the spot got out and started attacking my car. Keep an eye out for those violent tourist hating locals. its no joke. On the other hand, I met some welcoming and helpful locals who made me feel at home.

  7. Very good tips for tourists! I’m from Hawaii now living in Oregon but you’re so right about the ocean. Never turn your back!! 🤙🏻

  8. I bought a “broke da mouth” sticker and the local said it was okay that I bought it even tho I was a tourist lol

  9. Hawaii, the land of NO!!! Thanks a lot – I wanted to go to Hawaii really bad but thanks to this debbie downer video I do not ever want to go to Hawaii.

  10. Aloha! I live on Kaua’i & I enjoy watching your channel. Me ke aloha pumehana mai ka moku ʻo Kaumualiʻi i ka lei maile me ka mokihana. Mahalo🤙🌺😎

  11. and stop trying to do our culture. cause you dont get it correct and you share your incorrectness and then the wrong keeps going on.
    you guys dont realize that hawaii was hawaii cause it wasnt over populate (maui as an example). now you come and dont go home and create crowding. makes for more agro locals.
    locals are people who are born and raised here. dont come here and decide to stay and call yourself a local. you are not. and you will never be. so come visit. but go back to where you came from. that goes for you 2 fools also

  12. all your tourist shit is in the water. we are fishing that shit out of the water weekly and some guys do it on the daily. respect or get handled

  13. Don't make videos showing tourists where to go and ruining the locals quality of life. Especially the idiot locals who do it.

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