18TH BIRTHDAY TRIP TO HAWAII VLOG✈️ + helicopter ride, mermaid caves, dinner, etc.

i appreciate you for watching 💕🦋
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How old am i? 18
What camera do i use? Cannon g7x
What’s my sign? Sagittarius


  1. Omg I love this 😭🥺 I plan on doing a bday trip to Jamaica (home country) for my bday with my man 🥰🥰. Y’all are so cute and I’m glad I saw this cause I was hella nervous about planning this trip now I’m at ease.

  2. This vlog was so well done! Glad ya'll enjoyed the trip! It's nice to just hop on a plane and get away sometimes.

  3. I was born on Oahu which is the island she went to but mainly raised on kauai. I find it so interesting watching other ppl visit our islands 😂 and me being fascinated about the mainland…

  4. You just inspired me to plan a trip to Hawaii now!! What hotel did y’all stay at? Love it and love your videos💞 just subscribed

  5. Love the video ! I’m actually going to Hawaii in a couple weeks! Since you have went, what do you recommend to bring ? I’m looking around for outfits now 🙂

  6. When she said this is no makeup all skin I had to do a double take…. I need that skincare routine lol

  7. Love this vlog, but I can tell you not from Miami cause the restaurants and diversity in cultures here is amazing!

  8. I’m going to Hawaii in April I’m excited! Did u guys rent a car and was it expensive bc I was thinking about doing that bc I really wanna explore the island. I’ll be there for 4 nights

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